Why Peraton?

If you’re passionate about national security – you belong at Peraton.

The work you’ll do at Peraton matters – our work directly impacts the safety, security, efficiency, and day-to-day operations of our country and allied nations. We apply advanced solutions in cyber, secure communications, and space operations that solve our customers’ most daunting challenges.

It’s a fun place to work. 

We’re like a $1 billion start-up with the benefit of long-standing partnerships and 55-plus years of successful performance. Yet, our structure enables us to be more responsive and agile than others. You can make a difference on our team.

A breed of the best and brightest.

Our team of experts has deep knowledge of the technical world and the agencies with whom we partner. We’re 3,500-strong – 1,000 engineering experts, 300+ scientists and physicists, and 125 clinicians and medical professionals.


Find the right role on our team today!