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Electronic Warfare

We perform research and development and policy support across the electromagnetic spectrum.

Peraton creates solutions that result in information dominance during warfare. We perform interference detection, monitoring, and mitigation; propagation effects; spectrum sharing and compression studies; policy-based spectrum management; and test and measurement systems that result in improved hardened systems with higher bandwidth, multi-functional, and multi-platform capabilities.

Focus Areas

Spectrum Management

Peraton is staying ahead of the curve in emerging spectrum technologies with engineering solutions that help users dominate the electromagnetic spectrum. Our capabilities give the warfighter a greater ability to dynamically link and completely integrate use of the electromagnetic spectrum with battlefield and strategic operations.

Modeling & Simulation

We provide unique scientific and engineering services and operational support for our long-standing C4ISR customers that are unique to each mission. We develop and execute threat-oriented, physics-based electromagnetic-spectrum modeling as well as tactics and counter-weapons modeling and simulation to test effectiveness and plan for potential threat scenarios.

Engineering & Analytics

Using a unified, full-lifecycle approach, we support air missions with aircraft systems and software engineering, technology support, data analysis, and systems testing. Our integrated solutions, including modeling and simulation, risk management, integration and test methodology, EW effectiveness evaluations, threat analysis, and countermeasures, can be applied across all facets of the EW battlefield.

Software Engineering & Development

Our highly-skilled engineers provide agile-based design, development, and operational support, and implement and deploy custom and commercial off-the-shelf software-engineering solutions for large, mission-critical programs with complex requirements.

Regulations & Policies (Domestic & International)

Technology advances, spectrum auctions, and other drivers are rapidly changing the spectrum environment and consuming greater amounts of a finite resource. Peraton provides expertise in both domestic and international regulations and policies to ensure that critical U.S. missions continue both at home and across the globe.

Development of Counter-IED Systems

Peraton develops, maintains, and advances Counter-IED solutions both domestically and overseas. Peraton works closely with the U.S. military to provide customizable, upgradeable equipment that helps to keep the warfighter safe in a rapidly evolving market.


P-IEP: Advanced Electromagnetic Spectrum Solution

Portable technology for today’s battlefield.


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From spectrum management to simulation to software development, Peraton gives warfighters the information they need to prevail and stay safe.

Facts & Figures


Engineers with expertise spanning aeronautical, electrical, mechanical, network, software, and/or systems.


Years enhancing the warfighter’s ability to link and integrate electromagnetic spectrum use with battlefield operations.


Of the nation’s nuclear triad supported with advanced engineering and scientific expertise.


Advanced EW countermeasure solutions sold to support the national security community.

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If you’re passionate about national security, you belong at Peraton.