Dr. Misty Blowers, award winner and pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning

Pushing the boundaries of traditional cybersecurity paradigms takes a brilliant mind infused with an unquenchable curiosity — to take the toughest problems we face today and pioneer the innovations that enable our ability to successfully protect and defend our nation’s critical infrastructures. Peraton’s corporate director of strategic development, Dr. Misty Blowers, embodies these qualities in her passion and dedication to advancing the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning, and for her contributions to SPIE, the U.S. Air Force, and our national security partners. At the recent SPIE Conference on Disruptive Technologies in Information Sciences, at which she was a keynote speaker, Dr. Blowers was honored with the 2018 SPIE Early Achievement Award.

Dr. Blowers commented, “It’s an honor to receive this award – in recognition of my collaboration with esteemed colleagues to promote scientific enlightenment and drive technological advancement. Our shared passion has advanced the state of the art in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and related disruptive technologies. We’ve explored new ideas and opportunities and collaborated across ever-broadening communities of interest via conferences, workshops, and direct government support. And, together, we’ve shared a passion to educate and embrace rising researchers through scholarship programs and community outreach.”

Recognized globally in the fields of machine learning, autonomy, industrial control systems, and cybersecurity engineering, Dr. Blowers has led teams of hundreds on numerous cybersecurity research, transformation, and resiliency efforts, launched new initiatives, and led the strategic vision for the U.S. DoD and Intelligence Communities. A true advocate for the sciences, Dr. Blowers enables student participation in SPIE conferences and serves as adjunct professor of block chain technology and distributed ledger systems at George Mason University. A published author, her book entitled “Evolution of Cyber Operations and Technologies to 2035”, sold over 9000 copies in the first year.

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