We Are Peraton


Our company fundamentally exists to protect and promote freedom around the world – to secure the future for our families, communities, allied nations, and our way of life. That’s why we’re here, and that’s why we’re Peraton.

Peraton is based on the idea that the operations we support are essential to national security. The name is a construct of the prefix “per,” which means “thoroughly,” and the word “imperative,” reflecting the importance of our customers’ missions.

The logo marque shows the importance of agility, while maintaining accuracy, in advancing national security priorities. It progresses from left to right, targeting the center of the “o” in Peraton, the center of the customer’s mission.

Peraton provides innovative, reliable solutions to the nation’s most sensitive and mission-critical programs and systems. Peraton has significant experience providing highly differentiated space, intelligence, cyber/SIGINT, defense, homeland security, electronic warfare and secure communications solutions, and has become a trusted partner on missions that are critical to the security priorities of the United States. Capabilities include complex software and technology services and solutions, as well as end-to-end mission operations capabilities, including software systems development, offensive and defense cyber operations, modeling & simulation, mission management, and Quick Reaction Capabilities (QRC) / Research & Development.

Peraton’s headquarters is near the Washington D.C. area with employees across the United States and Canada.